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Caffeine 101: The Facts About Coffee, Energy Drinks and Caffeine

Goats—yes, goats—first discovered the remarkable effects of caffeine. Ethiopian goat herders noticed erratic behavior in their livestock whenever they ate of the cherries of the coffee plant. Centuries later, we take the pits of those cherries, dry them, roast them, and … Continue reading

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The Solution to Bad Office Coffee

Bad office coffee? Yes, we feel your pain. Quite often the coffee at the office tastes like “brown water,” as Columbia’s Captain Telegram might say. And that’s often when it’s at its best. At its worst, office coffee is harsh, … Continue reading

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Open For Business

Jamestown Java is now officially open in the Cromer’s building on Huger Street in Columbia. Our hope is that you’ll find time in your morning commute and your daily routine to stop in for great coffee, for good folks and for space … Continue reading

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